Friday, January 2, 2009

Daddy's Little Girls

After finishing off yet another highly scripted successful season of Run's House, the girls are getting their own show. Yay!!! Cuz I was definitely getting sick of seeing JOJO pursue his whack music career, russie's extremely chapped lips, run's random sayings, etc...Don't get me wrong I love Run's House, but I think alot of the situations were too scripted for the family. Nonetheless, Im geared up for seeing Angela and Vanessa's new show. They seem so cool and real. Definitely some chicks I cud see myself hanging with. So make sure you catch the season premiere, Monday, Jan. 5 on MTV.


  1. I agree I actually avoided watching it after a while cuz I felt like it was 100% scripted.. I tarted feeling stupid after a while. The girls seem cool, just a little spoiled. Guess that comes with being born ino their situation sometimes.. Let's see how the show turns out.

  2. I must say I'll prob watch the 1st couple of shows..but reality tv straight up sucks right now!! Daddy's Girls aka The Black "Hills" "The City", MTV needs to stop lol. And they got these chicks in the same apt as Lauren from The Hills was in. Hilarious...

  3. why you had to get on russie