Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Annoying things about MEN...

Men are from Mars and Women are from "Earth", I mean Venus, is one of the truest statements I have ever heard....I won't get into great detail of why I'm writing this note but I thought it be fitting....So let's get into it...

10. Come around you looking scrruffy and dusty

Just like you expect women to look good for they man. Keep their hair whipped, body looking good, smelling good, etc. We expect the exact same thing from you. Get ya hair cut/lined/tapered. **Just like Martin hated Pam's beady beads, I hate beady beads all over a mans head..uggghhh** Shave ya beard or mustache. **I hate when them prickling things are stabbing me in the face** ALSO, if ya Hair is smelling like BUTT, that means its time for you to wash it...GROSS!!!! Just b/c you don't have long hair, doesn't mean you don't have to wash it every now and then...

9. Touching/Fixing/Scratching/grabbing your stuff in public

OMG...I absolutely hate when men just walk around and touching/fixing/scratching/grabbing their stuff in public in front of people's faces. If you need to fix yourself, wherever you are, excuse yourself/go to the bathroom and do that crap in private or be discreet about it. Nobody wants to see you fondling ya balls.

8. When men get lost and they don't want to stop and ask for help

Just come to terms with the fact that you got us lost. I don't care how much it hurts your "manly" pride. You got us in this mess but why does a women always have to get YOU out...

7. Keep turning back and forth to the "game" even tho its supposed to be our quality time

If we are supposed to be spending quality time with each other. Ya know, caked up watching a lovey dovey movie, do not keep turning to the game to check the score. It ruins the mood and is annoying. Don't get me wrong, Im not completely opposed to watching sports, but its a certain time and place for it. **NOT DURING CAKING MOMENTS FOOL...

P.S. And just b/c a game is not on, it doesn't mean that NOTHING is on tv...

6. Leaving the seat up

This is probably the most common and long running annoying quality about a man in the history of "man"kind. It crosses any racial barriers.... So guys, Its pretty simple and self explanatory, pull the dang seat down FOOL.

5. Showing no emotions towards the relationship

Your not a man of steel. You bleed the same blood that we do. Stop acting like you have no emotions at all. Personally, I love a man that can show me an emotional side some time and if that includes crying, so be it. Tell me what you feel and/or think about certain things. Now dont get me wrong, I don't want some fool crying about everything under the sun. lol...but things hurt u too sometime in the relationship. So stop all that TUFF guy stuff.

4. Listening....when you feel like it

What's with the SELECTIVE hearing? So, is their something in your brain that acts as a filter, and only grabs your attention when an interesting words comes up (FOod, sports, etc..)? Or is it just a lack of interest in what the woman species has to say? I know that women can be chatty, expressive creatures that can go on and on about something. But men just have the ability to pick and choose what they want to hear in a conversation

3. Sexual Comments/Jokes/Innuendo

Some sexual jokes/comments can be funny. Whether you are making them or a comedian has made them. But going overboard with making them or laughing at them is jus inappropriate and can leave a woman feeling uneasy. Same thing goes with making these type of jokes with your friends, dont go overboard. It can get disrespectful, distasteful, and childish. Big turnoff!!!!

2. Gay comments

The whole gay thing is so lame, QUESTIONABLE?, and childish. Do you have to make a gay comment about every single thing a man does, especially when you get around your friends. Its like you enjoy getting around ya boys and having a gay love fest. "Ay man u a faggot, ay man u gay, u look like a faggot, etc" Stop with it, its real questionable bruh...

1. Not Being able to do ANYTHING because a Man's Pride

I Swear we are forbidden from doing anything because of a man's pride. **You can't win at anything because that's going to hurt your man's pride** **Can't be too dominate because a man needs to feel like the head of the relationship** ** This one is from SOULFOOD, you can't help your man find a job even if his dumb self lost his, because a MAN needs to find his own**

Please add to the list if you have more, and trust me I know for a fact there's more....


  1. LOL...tell 'em how you REALLY feel Cass? And lmao @ # 2...I remember when you called out ____ about that shit oh so long ago...hilarity.
    Oh and I always put the seat down homie.